KKid 4 Life LLC is a graphic and web design company that caters to the small business. Our mission is to provide you with the FULL support needed to ensure a strong and viable web presence. We also specialize in getting your small or large business web promotion on top ranking sites as well as higher ranking on search engines.


Do you know exactly how you'd like your web site to look, but are unsure of how to make it a reality? Let Kid 4 Life take care of it. Tell us your vision, and leave the rest to us.


Generally, it takes a lot of time and knowledge to properly swim in the web world. For starters, you need to find, create and register a domain name; find a hosting company that suits your needs; find a designer and webmaster to create and maintain it; design the site graphically; code your site; and make sure those surfing the net can find it. This could mean dealing with multiple companies and multiple people, who may pull you in several different directions, further and further away from your initial vision. Kid 4 Life simplifies the project and handles everything from finding an appropriate web address to securing a host to designing your site THE WAY YOU WANT IT. And, of course, Kid 4 Life will administer the site for you.


Other services on the web can run you thousands of dollars—and that's just to set up and design the site! Then, it'll cost you hundreds more per month to service it. At Kid 4 Life, we work with you to find what best fits your needs and budget. In addition to everything listed above, we also set and design up your company e-mail server, user access, ftp access, logos and more.

One more thing. Here at Kid 4 Life, we follow the principal that less is more. You've probably seen many sites that are full of flashy intros, pop-up ads and prompts to install programs. Those annoy us as much as they may annoy you. We feel that that the best presence on the web is one that is easy to navigate and user friendly. Your clients and prospective clients want to see what you have to offer and make a decision without getting bombarded with ads and difficult to view pages. That's why we keep it clean, simple, and to the point.

Kid 4 Life—All 4 You.  Clean, Simple, To the Point!


To let us help you reach your web potential e-mail us at Mark@kid4life.com

or call us @ 215-543-6383


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