Star Wars Action Figures

Yodasnews Review:  Elite Corps Clonetrooper (Saga Collection)

By Jeff Gouse (SithLord0498)



SCULPT – 4.75 out of 5 

There is only one reason why this figure is not a perfect five out of five: it’s not entirely film-accurate.

As soon as the first images appeared, Star Wars fans quickly recognized the inspiration for the combat armor of the Elite Corps Clonetrooper (aka Kashyyyk Clonetrooper).  This is the predecessor of the Imperial Scout Trooper.  However, this camouflaged Republic soldier had slight differences in its armor, but these changes failed to translate over to the action figure.  In a seemingly-endless quest to rehash as many older molds as possible, Hasbro simple applied an Episode III paint deco to the super-articulated Imperial Scout Trooper previously available in the Vintage-style TSC line.

Film-accurate or not, this is still an amazing sculpt with great attention to detail.



With the heavy amount of multi-colored camouflage markings, the Elite Corps Clonetrooper ran a tremendous risk of being a paint application nightmare.

Much to my surprise and delight, Hasbro managed to execute this figure with relative flawlessness.  Only the slightest imperfections can be seen, but you would have to be holding the figure mere inches from your eyes and really be looking for problems.  The camo markings are crisply painted and precisely random (if that’s even a real term…). 

Lastly, a green metallic paint was used on the clonetrooper’s visor, which sufficiently replicates the film’s frosty look of the visor


ARTICULATION – 4.5 out of 5 

Taking into account the scale and pricepoint of this figure, there seems to be only one bit of articulation that is lacking: waist articulation.  At first glance, there appears to be a swivel waist, but my best efforts to turn the waist yielded no movement at all.  This wasn’t too much of a surprise because this is the same hold as the VTSC Imperial Scout Trooper, which also lacked this point of articulation (POA). 

That aside, the Elite Corps Clonetrooper has every other POA you could want in a 3.75 inch action figure.  Here are just a few of the positions in which you can place the figure: kneeling, riding an Imperial Speeder Bike, and a contorted “blown away by big boom” pose. 

Bottom line: articulation is near-perfect and a tremendous asset to the overall figure.


ACCESSORIES – 3 out of 5 

Unfortunately, the accessories are very weak and mere repacks of old weaponry.  You get a DC-15 blaster, which was the standard mid-size blaster included with virtually every Episode III-era clonetrooper, and the small Scout blaster (straight repack of the VTSC Scout Trooper). 

The first question that popped into my mind was “What about the long rifle seen in the film?”  This would have been an easy inclusion because it would be yet another repacked weapon from previous clonetroopers.  I can’t imagine why Hasbro declined to include it.


“FUN FACTOR” – 5 out of 5 

The visual aesthetics and various POAs really make this a true “action” figure.  Not only can you create a variety of poses with only the figure itself, but the Elite Corps Clonetrooper can realistically interact with other figures (Commander Gree, Yoda, Wookiees, et al.) as well as vehicles like the Imperial Speeder Bike. 


OVERALL RATING – 4.45 out of 5 

This is definitely a figure that will please both kids and serious Hasbro Star Wars collectors alike.  The functionality and appearance really set this apart from many Clonetroopers thus far.  It’s not as plain as the basic Clonetrooper, and its POAs are superior to the Deluxe Jetpack Clonetrooper and AT-TE Driver mold with its poor arm articulation. 

The only problem is that the Elite Corps Clonetrooper is part of the tail end of The Saga Collection line, which means it could easily get lost in the transition to the imminent 30th Anniversary line.  While it will invariably be re-released in the future, I think this will be a rarer figure in the short term.  If you find it on the pegs, grab it.  You will not be disappointed!!