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Caped Crusader interrogates JediDude

Caped Crusader: So what's your name?
JediDude: Joey Johnson

Caped Crusader: And how old are you?
JediDude: 17

Caped Crusader: Where are you from?
JediDude: Flovilla, GA

Caped Crusader: What experience first got you into Star Wars?
JediDude: Well, it all started when my older sister started bugging me to go see Episode 1 with her. By the 50th time she asked me, I finally said yes to shut her up. But after seeing it, I was like this is freaking amazing.

Caped Crusader: So had you not seen the original trilogy at that point?
JediDude: No, never heard of the trilogy before that.

Caped Crusader: Assuming you have seen the entire saga now, which of the films is your favorite?
JediDude: Yeah, ESB.

Caped Crusader: And which Star Wars character is your favorite?
JediDude: Darth Vader.

Caped Crusader: Excellent choice! Let's talk about your collecting habits now. Which action figure lines do you collect?
JediDude: Mostly collect the 3 3/4" POTJ & up.

Caped Crusader: Do you collect any Star Wars items other than action figures?
JediDude: Yeah, fan made props and custom items.

Caped Crusader: Do you customize figures yourself?
JediDude: Yeah.

Caped Crusader: How long have you been doing that?
JediDude: About two years now after finding FFURG.

Caped Crusader: Of all the items in your Star Wars collection, what's your favorite piece?
JediDude: My first custom lightsaber.

Caped Crusader: Is it something from your imagination, or based on one used by a character in the films?
JediDude: It came from my imagination.

Caped Crusader: Do you plan to continue collecting as you have been the last few years now that the final film has been released?
JediDude: Oh yeah! If I had the money, I'd be buying alot more than I do now.

Caped Crusader: Wouldn't we all? Do you have anything else you would like to say to all the readers?
JediDude: Well, YN has been the best news site to come and get down to earth news. I wouldn't change it for anything.

Caped Crusader: I couldn't possibly agree with you more. In fact, it's the ONLY Star Wars site I even bother visiting! Two more questions... In your opinion, who is the sexiest of all the Star Wars characters?
JediDude: Jabba! No really, I'd have to say Leia.

Caped Crusader: Ha! Okay, last one... Why aren't the Toronto Maple Leafs called the Maple Leaves?
JediDude: lol, I guess to say where they are from if you didn't know.

Caped Crusader: You totally get an E for effort, but we were actually looking for: Because in socialist Canada, grammar corrects you!