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Hasbro Presentation Quick Info:


Comic 2 Pack – Each with a Dark Horse Comic, EU, $9.99 2 pack with comic, Wave 1 is Vader and Rebel Trooper, All new Paint.

Wave 2 Tarkin and Stormie with removal helmet! All Stormies will have Red glowing eyes!


McQuarrie Stormtrooper (new design is coming and there will be a Ralph McQuarrie-designed figure in the first 8 waves.


First 2007 Wave will have Lava Trooper, Airborne Trooper and more…


Multi Packs EE and SWS will have the Clonetrooper 4 packs


Death Star Briefing will be a Diamond Exclusive


Darth Maul Double will be out in December


All 7” Unleashed will either be Wal-Marts or Targets


We will see 10 from  the Top 10 at Toy Fair


New cases should protect most of what they produce.


7 total tins, all movies and one will be a Cantina Band Member Wal-Mart Exclusive


Droid from the EP1 Starship coming back


Last figures from this year are Wal-Mart Exclusives (4)!


GH 10 packs will be in 3-D packages that you can use, retail will be $19.99


Greatest Battles line was geared towards Trooper Building


The Blasters coming out will use “nerf Technology” with lights and lasers


Republic Commando boxed set will have Scorch, Sev, Boss, Fixer, and 3 Geonosian Warriors. 


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Helpful links to get you ready for the Con - Update 7/19/2006

Comic Con 2006 Main Information Page

Searchable Schedule

Special Guests

Exhibitor List and Locations

Star Wars Fan Film Awards Info

All Action Figure Exclusives List

Star Wars Guide


Star Wars Exclusives You may want to pick up at the show:

From Acme Archives:

Darth Sidious Character Key Art Print, limited to 500, $30.00

From Code 3 (but at the EE booth):

Code 3 Star Wars Howard Chaykin Poster Sculpture, limited to 1,976, $39.99

From Gentle Giant Studios:

Deluxe Shock Trooper Mini Bust Mini Bust and Bust Up, limited to3500, $60.00

Darth Vader Flame Variant Bust-Up, $6.00

*Be sure to pick up Collectors Club Promo Cards and Bust Ups posters, for free at the Booth!

From Hasbro:

501st Legion Trooper Action Figure, $15.00

Titanium Line Gold Convention Tie Fighter, $10.00

*Be sure to pick up the Exclusive Figure Poster, for free at the Booth!

From Master Replicas:

Black Smoke Chrome Han Solo Blaster $45, limited to 3000

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From Sideshow Collectibles:

 Darth Vader Sith Apprentice 12 inch Action Figure, limited to 6000, $59.99

 Medicom Vinyl Super Deformed 501st Trooper $60.00

Click to Enlarge  Sideshow Collectibles

*Be sure to pick up the Exclusive Hat and Bag Promo's, while supplies last!


Also be sure to look for Staff members all weekend long!