Star Wars Action Figures


Final Wrap Up!

            The 37th year of the San Diego Comic Con showed a slew of new and exciting products being released by Star Wars license holders. I was able to attend on Saturday of the five day convention timeframe and that day happened to be the busiest day of Comic Con.

            We arrived in San Diego around 10:00 am and right after we got off of the highway, we were stuck in congestion six blocks from the convention center. As we approached Harbor Street, I entered the convention center as my friend eventually found parking eight blocks away from the Convention Center two hours later. For those that didn’t pre-register for tickets, the line reportedly had a two to three hour wait. The line stretched all the way from the “A” Door entrance to the back doors of Comic Con where it eventually neared the Hilton Parking Structure, so that was quite a line to wait in.

            I got my badge in about three minutes and entered the Main Exhibit Hall. It wasn’t as full as it would be later in the day, so walking around was easier. I made my way to the ACME Booth and asked about the ticket for a Sidious Character Key Cel and tickets had been handed out and gone in about six minutes, which had become a very hot item at the Con. But my day did not end in defeat there.

            I moved onto the Gentle Giant Booth, which unlike previous years didn’t have much of a line. I thought that for sure it was going to be sold out for that day. I had my will-call confirmation ready for them and GG checked their list and had me sign a few lines and handed me a Shocktrooper Bust and Bust-up Flame Vader. The process took a few minutes and I had in hand my first exclusive of the Con. Throughout the whole day, as I passed by the booth, there was hardly a line and the Shocktrooper bust had not sold out at all. Praise for GG for upping the edition run of the exclusive and I think in a way, making it first come first serve lessened the intensity collectors and non-collectors perceived this exclusive. There wasn’t that much of a panic in rushing to get it and anyone who wanted one, was able to secure one.

            Onto the new products! Hasbro looks to have new figures ready for the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars next year. New sculpts and new characters will line the shelves as the New Year approaches. Some things that caught my interest included the new Titanium Series figures being released. From the R2-D2 with booster flames turned on melting down a Super Battle Droid from Revenge of the Sith to the Red Clone Trooper Captain from attack of the Clones. The one thing that surprised me was the lack of new full size Unleashed figures. With the rumored list floating around, I thought that I would’ve been able to confirm some of those rumors. For the Unleashed, there was only a Darth Vader ESB and Luke ROTJ, packaged like the Darth Vader ROTS Exclusive from Best Buy.

            Gentle Giant’s new lines of OT (Original Trilogy) Maquettes such as Boba Fett, Darth Vader, Princess Leia, and the surprise maquette of the con, C3p0 seem extremely well made. I looked up close to the new Obi-Wan in Clone Armor statue and that statue was very detailed and well done by the people of GG. Some surprises were the new Clone Wars bust-ups shown such as Sasee-Tiin in Clone Armor and some new Clonetroopers not previously seen on preview pics.

            Master Replicas Booth had the show stopper proudly displayed in its area. That would be the Studio Scale Millennium Falcon. A highly anticipated item, it was massively displayed on the table. Looking at it, the thing was well painted and sat on top of a mirroed display base, which added to the cost. I didn’t see the Harrison Ford Plaque, but for an extra $500, it would add to those wanting to have something unique. The new line of .33 scale blasters coming out were bigger then I expected. From the pictures at the NY Toyfair, the perception was smaller. But seeing them in person give a better sense of its size. The last thing that was new was the prototype of the Return of the Jedi Darth Vader lightsaber. The version shown was somewhat of a pristine version and I for one, like it. It would go along nicely with the other two OT Vader sabers I have.

            At the Sideshow booth, they had unveiled the 12’’ scale Jabba the Hutt. This slug was nicely sitting on his throne, along with the throne room slugs and Salacious Crumb around him. The detailing on him was disgusting (in a good way.) and nicely done by the people of Sideshow. I also finally got to see the Premium Format Boba Fett among others that have been shipped. I never knew that they were that big, t thought they were closer to around the 12’’ ones. The exclusive Luke in Vader helmet shown that will come with the Yoda/Luke on Dagobah was larger then the heads of the two characters, so it was somewhat of a SD type exclusive. The Boba Fett Premium Format shown was impressive. The use of two types of mediums, the body made of some kind of hard material to the soft fabric goods made it like a static 12’’ figure.

            Back to the people at ACME. A great bunch of people whom I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with. I went there last year and they were very accommodating with requests for their limited edition items. This year was no different as I was looking into getting a pair of matching numbered gicless that was premiered at Con. They were more then happy to help find me a set but I delayed purchasing it and came back to seeing the Jedi Giclee sold out. The people at the booth, especially Chris ( “Morly” on the boards), was very helpful in helping my complete my key collection. I cannot express how grateful I was and am for the help I got from Chris, Jim, and the rest of the team of ACME. I hope for their continued success in the company and their products.

            One hectic day gone by, another year of Con attended. Seeing as next year will be the 30th Anniversary since the release of Star Wars, I’d hope that everyone can make it down to Comic Con next year, there will be many surprises in store for us, so make your plans now to go next summer. Thanks for reading my story, see you around.


-M. Wong