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Yodasnews Review:  Saesee Tiin (Battle of Coruscant) 

The Legacy Collection 

Review and Photography by Jeffrey A. Gouse (SithLord0498) 

Review Date: July 28, 2008



One of the biggest criticisms leveled at The Clone Wars Collection in our pre-release reviews is that the transition to the CGI animation style inexplicably meant sacrificing articulation and tougher plastic in favor of statuesque figures made from softer materials.  After the high quality juggernaut that was The 30th Anniversary Collection, this sudden shift was very disappointing and unwelcome.  But as the Yarna review showed, not all hope is lost because The Legacy Collection appears to have eschewed the diminished quality of The Clone Wars Collection in favor of continuing the Anniversary trend. 

Moving beyond the first wave, today’s review looks at General Saesee Tiin from the second Legacy Collection assortment—the “realistic” Clone Wars assortment.  Was Yarna a fluke in a new era of mediocrity, or is The Legacy Collection going to keep living up to the standards set in 2007? 

PORTRAIT (Saesee Tiin):  Excellent 

Saesee Tiin is one of those second-tier Jedi with a slightly different appearance in each of the three Prequel films, so accuracy is virtually impossible to assess.  What Hasbro elected to do is create an idealized version, which is the best approach to take in such situations.  The sculpting of the facial features is very delicate and clearly defined, and the expression is neutral but with an underlying hint of determination.  The paint applications are even better with terrific blending of shades on the elongated brow.  The horns fare just as well, and the white-bordered black tattoo on the back of Saesee’s head is intricate (if perhaps a bit sloppy).

CLONE ARMOR:  Excellent 

As this is the “realistic” Clone Wars line, the challenge for Hasbro is converting the Tartakovsky animation into armor that matches the style used in the Prequel Trilogy’s CGI while preserving the look of the original art.  The result is an overwhelming success.  The darker stained white color of the armor is carried over to the figure, and natural body shapes have replaced the exaggerated angles seen in the cartoon.  The high waist matches the animation as does the length of the robes.   The paint does bleed and smudge on the armor in places (the chest and upper belt being the areas of concentration), but the overall deco is good.


Whereas many figures in The Clone Wars Collection are lacking in this area, The Legacy Collection appears to be avoiding that pitfall.  Saesee Tiin is capable of a wide variety of lightsaber combat poses, including the elusive two-handed overhead stance.  Many figures in this plastic medium are unable to naturally hold this pose.  Some require a great deal of effort to stretch the arms into place.  Others have arms that just don’t reach far enough regardless of effort.  General Tiin avoids both traps and can easily get into and hold such a pose.

ACCESSORIES:  Above Average 

Aside from an ordinary yet well-made generic lightsaber, General Tiin comes with a single accessory, but it’s a really good one.  It’s the enviro-suit helmet that Saesee uses during a perilous space-walk between two capital warships.  Molded from a soft plastic, it manages to be flexible without warping, and it slides like a slipcover over Saesee’s head and fits perfectly.  Dangling at chest level via two ribbed hoses, the control panel has several small buttons sculpted directly on it, and the paint applications have minimal bleeding.  Overall, it is an excellent accessory.


Unfortunately, there is a problem with the overall design.  Saesee’s legs are different lengths, and it results in the figure leaning to one side.  Ordinarily, such design errors would be the kiss of death, but his stability isn’t grossly disrupted by this.  He can still stand at rest without the need for support.  However, the off-balance appearance is very noticeable, distracting, and disruptive to the overall aesthetics. 

OVERALL RATING:  Excellent (Bordering on Above Average) 

Minor flaws aside, General Saesee Tiin demonstrates that Hasbro’s Legacy Collection is going to continue striving for the standards established by the 30th Anniversary Collection.  Aesthetically, the figure looks great—especially when wearing the unique clonetrooper-style helmet.  Functionally, the figure can hold a wide range of dynamic poses.  This is definitely a worthwhile purchase and should be easy to find on store shelves right now.  Going forward from here, collectors can only hope that later assortments in The Clone Wars Collection can match Legacy’s quality.


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