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1. Username? Age? A little about yourself. Share as much or as little as you would like. You do not have to give out your real name.


ST-321 is my user name, but Scott is my real name. I am a big Darth Vader fan and love the Imperial Shuttle, so my user name comes from Vader's shuttle in Jedi. I am 42 years old, which means I know the answer to the ultimate question of life the universe and everything. I have been a Star Wars fan since the first film came out back in '77. I saw it at the theater 13 times that year. These days I am married with a wonderful wife, a super daughter and a not so super cat. We make our home in the mountains very near the observatory where I work. Humor is important to me. Hopefully you have seen and enjoyed the Outer Rim Show which has been great fun for me to do over the years.


2. When did you start collecting?


 I did not get into the vintage toys the first time around as I didn't even know that they existed! Like many people, I got started collecting in the 90's during the re-birth of Star Wars. My first figure was the Shadows of the Empire Prince Xizor vs. Darth Vader 2 pack that I bought just for the Vader. After that I decided that Vader needed a stormtrooper to command. So I bought the Crowd Control Stormtrooper. And then Vader needed some to fight against so, I bought a Luke and well . . . . . the rest is history.


3. Top 5 figures all lines? Explain your answers


5. Commtech R2-D2 w/holo Leia. An almost mythical figure for months around the time of its release. I was very happy to be at my local TRU when cases of this figure & the Commtech Stormies were brought out. I made for a great Christmas for me and my daughter that year.


4. EI Sio Bibble. I love the sculpt on Sio, plus he has always struck me as funny.


3. POTF2 Removable Helmet Darth Vader. I am still waiting for the ultimate Darth Vader, but until then being able to unmask the evil one puts this into my top 5.


2. VOTC Stormtrooper. Articulation. Articulation. Articulation. Need I say more?


1. POTF2 Removable Limbs C-3PO. The figure of choice for the Outer Rim Show and an all-around wonderful toy. He looks good in pieces carried on Chewie's back or standing next to a group of Jawas. >


4. What is your collecting focus?


I buy mostly 3 3/4" figures and then free them from their plastic and cardboard prisons. I am not a completist. I just buy what I like. I am mainly interested in Imperials, the Skywalker family & droids. I hope to eventually get into diorama building even though I don't know what I am doing and am not very good with tools. Also, I yearn to someday own a life-sized Han in Carbonite.


5. What prompted you into collecting?


Two things - the mail away offer on the Fruit Loops Stormtrooper Han (which never arrived) and randomly seeing Darth Vader in a store one day.


6. How do you display your collection?


 It's loose baby! Most of it is alas, boxed up as I don't have much display space.


7. Top 5 movie quotes?

 “Star Wars”? "Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope."  "The Emperor is not as forgiving as I am." "It is too late for me, son." "You don't know the power of the Dark Side." "I am your father." - the most powerful, shocking moment of movie history.


8. If you could have your self made into a figure, what would it look like? Would it have action features? Would it be a deluxe figure? What assessories would it come with?


What an odd question. I suppose that a figure of me would be a bearded man wearing blue jeans and a t-shirt. The figure would have no action feature, lots of articulation and come with a computer, a telescope, a camera, and books!


9. What is your favorite feature of YodasNews? not counting the forums?


 Am I allowd to say the Outer Rim Show? If not, I suppose that it would be Lord Stitch's Vintage Toy of the Week. I only have a few vintage toys, but this gives me something cool to look at while I try to decide just how much money I am willing to spend on a vintage Imperial Dignitary.


10. What is the one aspect of collecting you would change if you had the power?


Distribution. I don't want all the figures, but I want to be able to hold one in my hands before I decide if it is worth $5 - 10. It is hard to do that for figures that never show up in my local store. The Net is a great resource, but it isn't the same.


11. Final words?


Like the rest of us, I am eagerly awaiting ROTS. It should be a fun year. May all your collecting dreams come true.



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