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Username? Age? A little about yourself. Share as much or as little as you  would like?


Username = R2smoke2, Age=30, 1st name Kyle. Currently living in Uncasville,

CT, Home of the Mohegan Suns Casino and the WNBA Connecticut Suns. Renting a

small house. Born and razed in CT, Lived in Queens, NY the past six years

until moving back to CT to start my own Landscaping Company last year. Iím a

New England type of guy, winters never bother me.


When did you start collecting?


I started collecting when I was a kid when the SW movies 1st came out. I

still have almost all my vintage figures and playsets that I played with. I

got back into collecting right around the time Saga 2002 line was out. I saw

a Darth Maul figure and had to have him. Then I decided to collect the whole

line MOC. This continued into other toy lines and onto 2003,4,5 SW figures.


Top 5 figures all lines? Explain your answers?


1.Vintage ANH Chewbacca- I have to put Chewie on the top, as he was my very

1st figure I got as a kid. I still remember that day my great Aunt drove my

sister and I to the local store and told us that we could each pick one figure.


2. Vintage Stormtrooper- got to put Stormie right up there as I have a

trooper focus. Also was one of the most played with figures as a kid


3. Vintage Darth Vader- No need to explain why Vader is on my top 5 list.


4. CW Clone Trooper Army builder 3pks. This set is still highly requested

and is one of my favorite sets I own. I love the 5 different colored 3pks.


5. Tie between SA Clone Trooper and VOTC Stormtrooper. Both are supper cool

looking carded or loose. Finally some troopers that move and pose like

gijoeís. I have 4 carded SA Clones still and about 5 VOTC Stormies. I canít

want for the 4pks coming from EE. I preordered a case already.


What is your collecting focus?


Currently it is building a loose vintage stormtrooper army. I have 11 right

now and 2 missing weapons. I have a complete collection of the Saga lines

from 2002-OTC. Only got a few of the Post OTC figures that are new. I only

collect the 3 ĺ figures, mostly single carded. My main focus is Troopers.

Storm, Sand, Snow, Clone, and Biker Scouts. Any and if all 3 ĺ carded. I

have one wall in my toy room dedicated for troopers. I have 81 different

Troopers right now. Iím likely to collect the new ROTS figures when they

come out. Other the SW I have a GI Joe Focus on Carded Snake Eyes and

Stormshadows. Marvel Minimates and some Marvel Legends.


What prompted you into collecting?


Canít really pin point it. Maybe I needed a new hobby or thought it would be

a good investment in the long run. I kind of fell into collecting and

havenít really thought why I started again. Must have been when I saw that

Saga Darth Maul.


How do you display your collection?


My troopers are hanging on the wall in star cases. My complete collections

are boxed up. Right now Iím working on my complete collection and star

casing them as storing them in plastic tubs for now. Once I own a house I

will probably hang up all of my figures.


Top 5 movie quotes "Star Wars"?


"Look at the size of that thing" I forget what pilot said this in ANH as

they flew towards the death star.

"Arenít you a little small to be a stormtrooper?"

"Luke, Iím your father"

"Freeze your rebel scum"

"May the force be with you"


If you could have your self-made into a figure, what would it look like?

Would it have action features? Would it be a deluxe figure? What assessories

would it come with?


My figure would come with a cool looking ship like the Falcon or Slave1, but

my own design. I need a speeder biker to travel when I land. Most likely I

would be a Stormtrooper General with Darkside forces. I would have a

stormtrooper body with my head, a different trooper helmet with my ranking

on it. I picture the clone trooper with speeder bike. Able to remove the

stormtroopers gear. A cloak likes the emperor to wear over the trooper body.

Double sided saber and 2 blasters.


 What is your favorite feature of Yodaís News?


I like reading what everyone has found in the recent purchases in each Line

that are out. Iím a big fan of the Have/Wants list, as I like to trade as

much as possible. Iím starting to spend more time in the Vintage section as well.


What is the one aspect of collecting you would change if you had the



Get a complete Vintage MOC set.


Final words?


Thanks to Hero for this interview and to Yodanews for keeping this site up

and running. Great work fellas. I joined late and didnít have much time with

R2N and was happy to see Mark branch off and start Yodasnews. I have made

some new friends over the years with fellow collectors and enjoy the

conversations around the forums and on AIM with some members.



Please check out some pictures of R2Smoke2's Collection Below:




Thanks R2smoke2!