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Please check out some pictures of Rob's Collection Below:














Username? Age? A little about yourself. Share as much or as little as you  would like?


Hey I'm Rob. My user name is Robbathehutt. I'm an 8 year old going on 33. I build and remodel houses for a living. This past summer I spent all of my time framing up two houses in Sisters, Oregon (which is why I wasn't in the forums much). I've been married for 8 years and have a 3 year old little girl and my second kid will be joining us on June 17th (IF it’s a girl we are naming her Natalie. Maybe.) We also bought a new house this summer. The last one was getting too small. This time around I have a Star Wars room that doesn't have a bed for my in-laws in it. Yahoo.


When did you start collecting?


I’ve been collecting since the special editions came out in ‘97. I did vintage stuff some people had given me. But everything I had when I was a kid is gone. The Curse of the Garage Sale.



Top 5 figures all lines? Explain your answers?


5. Saga Snowtrooper- Snow troopers are my favorite Trooper from the OT. I wish they would make this one an SA figure


4. Saga/OTC Bespin Luke- I like both of these. Kind of a before and after butt kicked Luke


3. CW Clone trooper- I really like a figure that has a lot of articulation and the joints are well hidden.


2. VOTC Stormtrooper- The articulation makes this a really cool figure. You can pose him anyway you want


1. VOTC Chewbacca - by far the best Chewie made ever. Also helps that Chewie is my fav character



What is your collecting focus?


I don't really have a focus. I have things I enjoy more than others. I would say that cards and Gentle Giant products are my favorite things right now. The cards is one of the few things I still have from '77. My mom would bring home a pack of cards for each of us (my brother and me) on Fridays. I had tons of them. Still do. I’m up to seven binders full of different cards. Some are from different places in the world. I just can't get enough of them. Gentle Giant is making some amazing products. I picked up the Boba Fett bust on a whim--and I was hooked. A buddy of mine was able to get one of the Blue clone busts for me at SDCC. Now I'm up to 17 different busts, three Maquettes, five bust-ups and three statues on pre-order.



What prompted you into collecting?


The Star Wars Monopoly was what started this whole mess for me. I thought it was cool so I picked it up. Then I ran across a few puzzles and had to have them also. Before I knew it I had several dozen figures hanging on the wall. That was the Spring of '97--just after the movies were re-released.



How do you display your collection?


Most of my collection isn’t being displayed right now. I’ve got a plan for a custom shelving in the back of my mind that I need some time to build. Right now I have my favorite carded figures hanging on the walls along with my posters. All of my GG busts are stuck on one shelf out of reach from a 3 year old.



Top 5 movie quotes "Star Wars"?


“...these aren’t the droids your looking for”

“ Into the garbage chute Fly-boy”

“Laugh it up Fuzz ball!”



If you could have your self-made into a figure, what would it look like?

Would it have action features? Would it be a deluxe figure? What assessories

would it come with?


Well this one is simple. I wouldn’t have one made. It would freak me out seeing myself as a 4” tall piece of plastic.



 What is your favorite feature of Yoda’s News?


Is the Forums a feature? If it is--then that is my favorite.


What is the one aspect of collecting you would change if you had the



I think that Collecting right now is about as good as it can get. We are getting new figures at the same time getting some good repaints of some of the better figs. Most product isn’t that hard to find if you put a little effort in to it. My only complaint is the price of figures right now. I realize that hasbro needs to make money but if you look at some of the other products out there (Marvel Legends, Gundam) they are larger and more articulated than the SW stuff and about a $1 cheaper.



Final words?


I hope to see all of you at Celebration 3. It looks to be an interesting year and a spendy one.