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Stand Tall

Some Background Information:

Stand Tall Displays use five different components that are used to create a personalized display shelf.  The Disk Platform is 2 inches in diameter and creates a very level and stable surface for your figures to stand on. The Disk Platforms do not have pegs for figures feet but the surface is large enough to accept third party round generic stands( for those stubborn figures that refuse to stand on their own!)  Three different leg supports clip onto the outer perimeter of the disk; to raise the platform up to higher levels. Finally,  a small connector component allows you to link the leg supports together to make increasingly higher levels.

Every component is manufactured by Tight Tolerance Plastic Injection Molds to ensure that any configuration you build is level and stable. Since the display stand is completely variable,  if you get bored with your display you can simply take it apart and rebuild it in a new arrangement to keep your displays fresh. Designed by a long time Collector!

How To Buy Them:

Stand Tall Display Systems are sold as an e-bay exclusive item at this time.

How many comes in a set?:

You can order a 90,  450 or 900 piece set, starting at only $19.95.

Okay, Dish the Dirt!

Out of the box you get everything you need to let your imagination go wild. The sky really is the limit with what you can do with these sets. For this review,  I ordered 2 of the 90 piece sets in hopes that it would solve a problem with my Gentle Giant Bust Ups within my display cabinets. The main problem  was that I had 18" of space but only one shelf, which meant that I could not see most of my collection and it also made it harder to upkeep. I had tried homemade stands and even risers but they just didn't get me the height I needed , so I gave these a shot and they more than did the job.

Out of the box I had 180  pieces to use for my design, it included:  (20) Disk Platforms (40) Straight Legs (40) Angled Legs (40) Double Length Legs (40) Connectors. They were very easy to put together and I already had several ideas for how I wanted my display to look! In about 15 minutes I  had the display  ready! You can take a look at the stock image below to see some ideas on all the different configurations:

You can get a good idea of how well this works with Star Wars Figures below:

My intention, however,  was to solve the problem with my Bust Ups! The Stand Display System more than met my expectations.  Take a look at how well I was able to utilize my 18" high space now:



So  if you are looking for a nice way to display your Bust Ups on one or two neat shelves along with your other Collectibles, this system may be for you.  There are so many uses for these stands it's not even funny! In the last week, I started to collect the Star Wars 3" Titanium Figures and I wanted to add them to a bookcase I already had but when I was putting them on the case, I realized again that you could only see the "tops" of the 2nd and 3rd row so,  for time being I took down my Bust Ups display above and re-worked my set-up to see if this system would also fit them. It  worked like a charm and really makes the collection stand out and leaves room for me to build on as new vehicles come out. Take a look for yourself:

The image below will give you a good idea how this system let's you utilize the space you have to the fullest:

Well I think I've rambled on enough but I really wanted people to realize how innovative this little product is and for what you get, it costs far less than many other options that I have tried in the past (or my own homemade systems!)  I have built several custom sets and while they did work well, the costs time and material were equal to the  90 piece set but,  the downside of my custom set-ups was  that I couldn't  tear them down and re-use and re-build them , like you can with this system.

So here is how I rate this product:

Package and Presentation:

Everything came quick USPS Priority Mail.  Each item in its own resealable bag (good for storage of extra pieces) as well as basic product information. Processing time was less than 3 days from order to product arrival.

4 out of 5 Yodas


Quality of Product


These are well made, they are not made of some cheap flimsy plastic that will crack as soon as you touch it. They hold weight well and showed no signs of bending or cracking even with multiple configuration.


 5 of 5 Yodas


Ease of Use/Display


They do what they say they do, easy to use and a truly unique way to make your collectibles display shine. Sure paper cups and upside glasses work as well, but if you want your collection to look professional, this a is a nice way to top it off.


5 of 5 Yodas


Bang for your Buck:

The 90 piece starter set will run you $19.95 plus shipping, considering what you get it's not a bad price at all. The best value of course comes with the largest set of 900 but you can also get your feet wet with a 450 piece set. When you consider this is a small company and a collectors creation, I think the price is right in line. Some may think  it is on the high end for the 90 piece set but that's before you get it in your hands. What's great about this product is that if you don't like it they will refund you no questions asked within 14 days AND pay return shipping! So it really is of no risk to try it out!

4 out of 5 Yodas



Depending upon your age, if you remember erector sets this give you the same type of fun. You get all these pieces and only your imagination is the limit. I  spent about 20 minutes just seeing what they could do before I even started to make my display model. They are a lot of fun and the best part is that if you get bored of your display in a few months (or when a new focus takes over) tear it down and start over again! Also, as your collection grows, so can these sets!

5 of 5 Yodas



Overall I would have to give these a big thumbs up! They are fun, well made, well designed, work well and priced right! So for that and all reasons above gives them them  4.6 of out 5 Yodas!

4.6 of of  5 Yodas


For more images, configuration and to order, click the image below and be sure to let them know sent you!

Stand Tall