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TOTALLY SPIES - Based off the long running hit show on Cartoon Network of the same name, RC2 has released the first of many waves of the new Totally Spies doll line. Follow the exploits of Sam, Alex, and Clover as they deal with being international spies for WHOOP as well as high school girls. Each doll comes dressed in her own their WHOOP jumpsuit and includes a nifty gadget and one episode on DVD. Stay tuned for an entire line of clothing outfits and expandable gadget lines are coming soon.

CABBAGE PATCH KIDS - Just in time for the holiday season comes the all-new Cabbage Patch Kid Newborn Babies. This line was a retail exclusive during the Thanksgiving shopping weekend, and now we have them available, listed individually based off the newborn's name and birth date. Be sure to scroll the entire category as we have a wide selection dolls with different eye colors, hair colors (or bald), and ethnicities to choose from. There are many to choose from and all are looking for a good family to adopt them.

MY LITTLE PONY - The Crystal Ponies are finally HERE! Both the new Fantasy Friends and New Friends assortments are in stock and sold individually for your shopping convenience. Also new in stock is the all new So Soft Bubble Bath Time with Soapy Smiles as well as a wide selection of exclusive Baby Ponies, Adult Ponies, Pony & Me Sets, and the 2004 & 2005 Retail Exclusive 4 Packs that include ponies not found anywhere else. A wide selection of MLP Playsets have been restocked as well, including the Wonder Waves Surf Shop and the Super Sundaes Ice Cream Shop. Also just in time for the holidays is the all-new Singing Holiday Minty Plush Doll, which sings a song from her new DVD movie.

TRANSFORMERS - Many new Transformers have arrived with more arriving daily. We have been receiving shipments of the new Cybertron assortments in almost on a daily basis, and have such hard to find figures as Ultra Red Alert, Evac, Backstop & Brushguard, and Sideways & Snarl. New figures are due shortly, including Galvatron, Crosswise and Thunderblast. From Japan, we have a wide selection of Galaxy Force and exclusive Galaxy Force figures in stock now, including the EX-02 Sonic Convoy Giftset, EZ Collection Clear Giftset and Galvatron, as well as such hard to find pieces such as Police Style Gasket and Dark Nitro Convoy. Also from Galaxy Force is a wide selection of exclusive Microns, including complete sets of the Megalo Convoy Micron Team.

>From Hasbro, we have restocked many of the exclusive G1 re-issues,

>including Ricochet and Sideswipe, and from Takara we have received a limited number of older G1 re-issues, including #06 Megatron and #09 Starscream w/ DVD. Many of the older Universe figures have been restocked, as well as new ones added including the all-new Micromaster set Railracer and exclusive Downshift and Snowcat. New Alternators are arriving almost on a daily basis and the new Sunstreaker and Skids will be arriving in Mid December.

STAR WARS - We have restocked many of the Revenge of the Sith Basic Figures, including #45 Tarkin and #65 Tactical Ops Trooper for your shopping convenience. Many exclusives are now in stock as well, including Waves 1 & 2 of the SD Palm Talkers, Plo Koon's Jedi Starfighter, Separation of the Twins figures, Utapau Shadow Trooper, and many others. Continuing with the Unleashed line, Hasbro has released the first wave of the all-new Unleashed Battle Packs, which include 4 2" figures, great for army builders. The ever-popular Galactic Heroes line continues with the last ROTS specific wave now in stock, including a wide selection different clone troopers. Look for all new waves later this month and in January.

For all the gamers out there, the second wave of Attacktix figures are here in force. In stock now is a wide selection of individual figures, booster packs, 2 different starter sets, battle masters and a new exclusive Mega Set. For the Miniature Fans out there, we have the all-new AT-AT Colossal Pack in stock for only $44.99 each. As an added coupon bonus, for all purchases of 2 or more AT-AT Colossal Packs, use the code ATAT20 and save 20% for even greater savings.

G.I. JOE - The new DTC line has been a great success for die hard fans and collectors alike since it started and the new figures continue to deliver. The first 2 waves of DTC single figures, multi-packs, comic 3 packs, and vehicles have all been restocked just in time for the holidays. Hasbro has confirmed our wave 3 single figures and comic 3 packs en route now, including the new Cobra Trooper and Fan's Choice Comic 3 Pack by Devil's Due which includes the all new Hannibal figure as well as Cover Girl and Spirit. As an added bonus, Hasbro has confirmed the new multi-pack, and it is by the far the best one to date. The new Viper Lockdown set is shipping in late December/early January and is already open for pre-orders. The set includes three 3 Cobra Vipers, Cobra Interrogator, and the all new G.I. Joe and G.I Jane figures. This is a must for any collection.

HARRY POTTER - Just in time for the holiday season and the all-new Goblet of Fire movie comes our new Harry Potter Super Section. We have been busy stocking the multiple sub-categories with a wide selection of older Harry Potter figures and dolls from the first three movies, including the 8" scale Albus Dumbledore and He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, Lord Voldemort. We have in stock the various Lego sets and mini figures & playsets from all the movies.


* Marvel Legends Waves 10 & 12 IN STOCK NOW

* Justice League Unlimited 10" figures, 3 packs, exclusive comic 3 packs, and single figures IN STOCK NOW

* Teen Titans by Bandai, including new figure 2 packs, deluxe figures, and vehicles IN STOCK NOW

* New Shockini Assortments IN STOCK NOW, including Kade and Toxic Avenger figures

* New Littlest Pet Shop Super Section open and well stocked with many different pets looking for a good home, including a wide selection of single carded pets and the new Wv 6 Pets on the Go and new multi-packs and playsets

* Barbie as Marvel Comics' Invisible Woman and Mary Jane Watson SHIPPING MID DECEMBER

* Power Rangers Mystic Force Section NOW OPEN, and stocked with many new figures, vehicles, and the new Titan Megazord just in time for the holidays

* New Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi Section open and stocked with the first wave of mini-figures and dolls

Thank you for stopping by Bill's Toys and Games, and we hope to see you back to check out these great items, and during this holiday season, we wish all the best to everyone around the world.


Since we are running one of biggest discounts ever, 20% for all orders over $100, I have gotten some questions about mutliple AT-AT purchases for all the army builders out there, and we have created a special coupon code for everyone to use until the end of the year.

For anyone purchasing 2 or more AT-AT Colossal Packs, if you use the code ATAT20, it will take 20% off your purchase.

We have the AT-ATs priced at $44.99 and if you buy 2 of them that will be $71.98 after the coupon!!! Very Happy


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