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This is just a summary of what Hasbro had to say in their Q&A session at Celebration 3

 We have a very well balanced line.  We got a lot of collector focused products, but then you will also see a lot of initiatives that are really kid targeted.  Because kids are so important to the future of Star Wars as we work with our partners in Lucas licensing we are really designing our lines with that in mind.  The kids that are coming in to this, Episodes I, II, and III, this is their Star Wars.  They are seeing this fresh. For us as adult collectors we want to see things that will tie all six of the films together, we will continue doing that, and more importantly have play value that you as mothers and fathers can share with your children.

So whatís new for 2005?  One of the kid targeted line we have is Force Battlers.  Force Battlers are exciting, each figure is large in size and great to hold for young kidsí hands.  More importantly each [figure] has action features and great accessories.  We love this and encourage you to get this.  There are 12 figures for this year. 

Attacktix is a great new venture for us.  We call it the battle figure game because it truly is a game that you play with figures.  The object is very simple, its last one standing wins.  We are giving open play demonstrations down at the booth, we are sampling Attacktix figures.  We are very, very bullish on this product.  We think we are the first in the market with the best IP (intellectual property,) Star Wars, to launch a whole new category.  We couldnít be more proud to partner with Lucas [licensing] on Attacktix.  Just a note, thereís 35 figures available in the first wave of Attacktix.  They are available in group forms: one is a starter set it comes with five figures, four of them can only be obtained in the starter set.  Itís a smoking value, it comes with a CD-ROM.  The majority of the figures, 30 different figures, in three different rarity models, randomly packed in booster packs.  If you have kids I encourage you to play with your kids Attacktix, they will kick your butt. You will have to learn to be good with Attacktix figures.  We are excited.  Wave two is coming this September.  There will be 30 figures, including a return to some of the classic figures.  We have Han, Luke, Darth Maul, we are really celebrating the Saga. There will also be an R2-D2 and an FX-7 medical droid, they may not sound as the most aggressive figures, but wait till you see their powers, they are very cool. 

Darth Tater has literally come out of nowhere to be the spokes model for Star Wars this year.  It took us by surprise, but Darth tater has emphasized an extremely important point and that is Star Wars is so powerful and the character are so easily recognized and we can apply that Star Wars wrap around familiar icons like Mr. Potato Head and create a figure that has gone through the roof, for demand.  Itís a very unique example of the power of Star Wars and how it transcends the world of 3.75Ē figures. 

Call Upon Yoda is, I think, one of the most imaginative animatronic figures that we have ever done.  He has over 500 phrases and is a really great vehicle for telling the story of all six movies. 

Titanium series, we launched this year which are die cast vehicles of Star Wars.  Itís a Wal Mart exclusive in 2005.  In 2006 we are actually going to have broader distribution, so we are really excited about that.  For this year we have individual vehicles, which we call 3Ē format.  Later this year you will be able to see them in a gift pack format.  We are really excited about this initiative. itís a very, very important initiative for us at Hasbro.  Some of you may have seen the announcement just a couple of days ago.  What were are doing in conjunction with Hasbro online is offering collectors the ability to get all of the 57 figures in the line this year, for only $6 [each] including variants of the royal guard figures.  We are doing here [Celebration III] for the first time for you to be able to sign up.   

Star Wars Galactic Figures, the convertible assortment.  Two new vehicles to follow the Millennium Falcon and the X-Wing.  Galactic Heroes figures has been phenomenal, everybody seems to love Galactic Heroes.  The X-wing converts into a dune buggy and the land speeder converts in to a tank.  There will also be backpack danglers.  We are going to have four, five characters in the line: Yoda, Luke, Han, Boba, and a special fifth one Darth Tater. 

The Star Wars Chocolate Mpire has been huge and Master Foods has really been an active partner in bringing you different 16 figures, in Galactic Heroes scale. 

The battle pack assortment is a kid targeted assortment figures that we have released before.  The idea behind the battle packs is to take some of the classic characters across the Saga and put them in a battle, in a box, which is perfect for kids that want to get four or five characters all in one pack.  With the exception of the first one, we are going to release figures which we have done before.  The first battle pack, which is Jedi/Separatists, are all new figures, so this is something all you collectors might want to get.   

Death Star Place set, retooled or new?

Itís something we have talked about but certainly not for this year.  We would prefer to do a totally new set.  Big items have to be done at the right time. 


Early Bird set figures, are they the beginning of a new line?

The Early Bird set is really a stand alone set.  It was designed to tie in with the beginning of the Star Wars line.  The figures have not started to ship.  Save those receipts! 


A Padme Evolutions set is not planed 

Hasbro is aware of the success of the VOTC line but they canít comment about possible continuation yet.

Army Builder figures should be available online 

The packing of the Early Bird set was designed to prevent abuse

There will be additional 3.75Ē figures this year, beyond what has already been shown.


When will our cloud car pilots finally get a vehicle to fly?

The cloud car is on the short list of vehicles to be produced


The Target clone trooper will be available on May 5th.  Target has no plans to do a ticket system like the Lava Vader and production numbers should be similar to the Lava Vader as well.


What is the future of the 12Ē line?

The future is not certain past the current ROTS figures


Will the AT-TE gunner have an AT-TE to go with it?

No plans yet


Pop-up play sets or mail away stands are not planed 

Wedge is not scheduled to be released as an individual figure, for the moment 

The detachable blades for lightsabers will be phased out.


Any plans for Jedi Master Points?

No plans for that yet


Plans to revise vintage figures that have not been recreated?

Canít comment past this year, but its something they are looking at


Tonika sister(s) figure(s)?

We have no knowledge of a change in the license status


Accessory packs for 12Ē figures?

No plans yet since the future of the 12Ē line is not certain


Any plans to bring the Tomy remote control 3.75Ē scale R2-D2?

As of right now, no plans to do so.  But they are looking into it


Any plans to bring out items with a price point higher than $40?



Plans for an Obi-Wan with baby Luke from ROTS?

No, highly unlikely


Expanded Universe figures or figures from deleted scenes like Biggs from Toshi station?

Those figures are always on the list, but no plans right now


Future plans for the unleashed line?

More figures for this year and next year ďI canít tell you but itís going to be coolĒ


No plans for 12Ē scale Jabba 

The C3 Vader will be on


Is there going to be accessory packs for the 3.75Ē figures?

No plans for this year


Future of the Clone Wars line?

Long term, Clone Wars is in the mix.  In the Fall there will be additional Clone Wars figures in 3-packs.  The 3-packs will be of animated figures with rehashed/retooled figures.


Are there plans to re-release some of the older unleashed figures?

Itís something Hasbro is looking at


Is there going to be future Fanís Choice polls?

Yes, not possible this year because itís a movie year, but the polls will be back


Will Hasbro offer army builder packs on their site?

Hasbroís website will be offering clone troopers and clone trooper variants