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Caped Crusader interrogates Lord Chabelo

Caped Crusader: First and foremost, what is your name?
Lord Chabelo: Sergio

Caped Crusader: And how old are you?
Lord Chabelo: 26

Caped Crusader: And from what area of the Empire do you hail?
Lord Chabelo: Currently I am in Austin, TX, but I am originaly from Torreón, Mexico, and I made a stop in El Paso, TX, for 5 years.

Caped Crusader: What is your first memory of the Star Wars universe?
Lord Chabelo: I have this image of my parents taking me to see Return Of The Jedi in a theater. Not sure exactly when that happend, though it could have been during its original release in 1983, but I am not sure for how long or when ROTJ showed in theaters in Mexico. Other than that fuzzy memory, I remember having some of the toys as I grew up, and my TIE Fighter pilot figure blowing up with a firecracker!

Caped Crusader: And were you an instant fanboy, or did it take something else for you to get hooked?
Lord Chabelo: I was a late bloomer. I actualy had forgotten about Star Wars until my best friend bought the movies on VHS when they released them in the early 90s. After that, it all started escalating after my 8th grade English teacher and basketball coach made me read a book a month. Naturaly I choose some Star Wars books that were in the library. I didn't really collect anything besides books until I moved to the U.S.

Caped Crusader: And now that the final theatrical release has come and gone, which of the six films is your favorite?
Lord Chabelo: I stick with my guns, Return Of The Jedi is #1 in my book.

Caped Crusader: I know I'm going to regret asking this, but... Who is your favorite character?
Lord Chabelo: That is a though one. I love all things Sith, and I do have a Darth Maul fetish, since I just think he looks so cool, but I also realy like Luke as a complete character.

Caped Crusader: Well, you've mentioned collecting, and having seen a picture from your home, I know you have a Star Wars item or two around lying around the place. Can you describe your collection for the readers, and let them know just what it is you collect?
Lord Chabelo: I used to put my complete focus and attention to Hasbro's 3¾" line - carded, of course. My then girlfriend, now wife, gave me some 12" figures, Legos, and Unleashed figures. I've tried to keep up with those lines, but the only one that I got to complete is the 7" Unleashed line. Now I have rearranged my priorities, and no longer collect all of the 3¾" figures. I stopped getting card variations, repaints, re-hashes, etc. I just buy some of the carded figures. Now all my attention (and money) goes to Gentle Giant items. I just love the way they display. I am also getting some of Sideshow's new items and the MR scaled replicas, and I am also very much into the Star War Miniatures game, not only into collecting the figures, but playing, as well.

Caped Crusader: Well, there's definitely some diversity in your collecting habits, but if you had to choose just one specific item as your favorite, what would it be?
Lord Chabelo: Easy, the POTJ Mexican exclusive 4-pack. For obvious reasons I have a soft spot for Mexican items, and I must have looked for that one for almost 6 months in El Paso's neighboring city, Ciudad Juarez, just across the border, but with no luck. I had almost given up hope of getting that one, but then on a short, unplaned trip back to Torreón, I found a bunch of them just sitting on the shelf. This might change after I get the Sideshow premium format Grievous. That is easily the best looking Star Wars item I have seen; it just looks amazing in person.

Caped Crusader: With no more movies to fuel interest, all signs point to the hobby slowing down a bit. Do you think you will be spending less on Star Wars memorabilia in the future than you have over the last few years?
Lord Chabelo: Probably not, at least not in the near future. I'm almost totally caught up with Gentle Giant items, and filling in the gaps for those can be expensive. There are also some POTF2 and Lego items I would like to buy. Plus I have found myself admiring other items to collect, like full scale replicas. At some point I will have to stop due to storage constraints.

Caped Crusader: Either that, or build an additional room on the side of your house. So how have you enjoyed your experiences as a staff member on
Lord Chabelo: I love it. Thanks to being part of, I got a little bit better access at C3, and it also keeps me in touch with the latest things in the Star Wars universe

Caped Crusader: It's nice to have a job that comes with perks. So who do you think is the most physically attractive Star Wars character?
Lord Chabelo: Oooh, I have learned to to answer that. I plead the 5th on that one.

Caped Crusader: Wow, you have certainly been well-trained. I have just one final question for you, and being the guy from Texas, I think you may have some insight: Where have all the cowboys gone?
Lord Chabelo: To the bottom of the league, as a floormat for the NFL.

Caped Crusader: Actually, we were looking for Brokeback Mountain, but I'm going to give that to you.

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