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Throngs and throngs of collectors and enthusiasts all converged on SDCC 2007. Wading through the people you get a real sense that everyone who's there is just like you in some fashion or form. All excited about the new things that you may see or all the new items you could buy, the costumes people are wearing to give homage to their favorite characters, the free swag, the panels and never before seen trailers burn into your skull at every turn as no inch of the floor is left unused.
As a collector you find yourself gravitating to the best of the best collector companies and their items that fascinate.

First up you see Sideshow Collectibles - with all their glory up for show. Located at Booth #1929 Their new Star Wars items aim to please with previews available on their website and able to see with all their streaming video as well. The exciting new Enviorama 'Look Sir, Droid' Sandtroopers is top notch with excellent details. Next up new for you to see is the 12" Bespin Luke which brings you back to a time when you had no idea that Vader was Anakin Skywalker. And the last of the brand new items revealed is the 12" Snowbunny Padme. Though a Clone Wars cartoon character - Sideshow has taken their spin to this 12" figure and given her a rendering of Natalie Portman's face. Sideshow of course has on display their other wonderful items that have been previewed before like their Premium Format figures, their lifesize C3P0 and R2D2 replicas, and their various 1/6th scale offerings. Of course Star Wars is not the only license that Sideshow caters to - and so you get lost in the throng of admiring all their offerings from Lord of the Rings to their horror lines. And finding out about their licensing for Indiana Jones.

After gawking for an eon at Sideshow you find that you have you fill and begin to wander around looking at the various other booths filled with comics and then you next destination is made clear by the line and various products all about as you find the Corgi booth at 3229. Here you don't see much in the way of Star Wars as the license expires soon - but what you do see makes you filled with wanting. From the Boba Fett helmet to the teaser poster of the much anticipated X-wing Fighter studio scale.

Right next to Corgi you find yourself in the HasbroToyShop.com booth at 3329. and across the aisle you see the Hasbro booth at 3213. Hasbro has aimed to please this year from their offering for Star Wars to their newly announced license for Indiana Jones. Ralph McQuarrie fans are more than pleased with the offerings this year and the SDCC exclusive is wonderful. EU characters get their just dues as well with General Grievous before being mechanized and comic packs getting the royal treatment.

After all the eye candy by these booths you would think nothing more could impress, but Gentle Giant is right beside Hasbro at Booth #3513. From their provocative offering of the Star Wars Insider cover statue of Count Dooku and Asaaj Ventress to their Emperor Sidious maquette you find yourself wondering what more you could see. Then you find yourself looking at all the offerings Gentle Giant has sprung upon collectors from Lord of the Rings to Halo mini-busts and bust ups. Then you see a wonderful offering of Indiana Jones on a horse pistol out.

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