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January 9th, 2007

The Star Wars Tribute Band So Long Princess chat with!

The founding members of So Long Princess (including the latest reality Star from Beauty & the Geek) take some time out to chat with us about the new fame the band is getting, how it all began and what is coming soon!

YN: Thanks for taking the time to talk with us.  We will be the first to admit that before Nate got the gig on Beauty and the Geek, we had not heard of your band, but  being a site 100% dedicated to Star Wars, we immediately started to follow you.  In the last few weeks your MySpace page has blown up,  how long has So Long Princess been together?

SLP: Hey, thanks for having us YN. So Long Princess formed in the Spring of 2005, in an effort to bring some more rock to the galaxy. At the time we were just a three piece- Guitar, Drums, and Vocals. We have since added Bass. It all started one night, Isaac had the idea to start a Star Wars metal band. Ben and Nate were instantly on board. The next day, Isaac and Nate wrote "Wookiee" and "High Noon at the Pit of Carkoon" in their room on acoustic guitar. We originally went by the Corellian Hellions, until we discovered the line "So long, princess..." as the perfect band name.

YN: And do you do 100% Star Wars Related Music or do you branch out to other original music or do covers?

SLP: We don't do any direct covers of Star Wars songs- we figure John Williams did it right the first time around- though we'll occasionally begin a show with the imperial march. We do rock songs inspired by Star Wars, and though the story might not be directly referenced in all of the lyrics, its always there underneath. We've also performed some cover songs, though we will change the lyrics. Past examples are "Espionage", a cover of the Beastie Boys' '"Sabotage" but about the Bothan Spies, and "Hoth is a Battlefield" covering Pat Benatar's "Love is a Battlefield".


YN: What Inspired you guys to start a Star Wars Band?

SLP: Technically- George Lucas.

YN: Are you all fans? And if so, do any of you collect any of the Toys and Collectibles?

SLP: Yeah, definitely all fans. None of us really collect many of the toys. Isaac has all of the Star Wars Pez dispensers, and has an enormous collection of the Star Wars card game, though he no longer plays. We definitely appreciate all of the Toys and Collectibles and the culture around it.

YN: By looking around My Space it looks like most of you guys are in your early 20's so you missed all of the original releases in the theatres, how did you come to love the movies we all hold near and dear to our hearts?

SLP: Its Star Wars. The movies are timeless, though apparently some people felt they could be *ahem* made a bit MORE timeless. We definitely were all hooked long before the rereleases and any of the new trilogy. A long time ago (before DVD) in a galaxy far far away (called VHS).

YN: Who writes your lyrics? Some of them are quite deep like "I've been through the fire and I've been through hell I was only a man, now I'm only a shell." And "And how do I show, I'm a human being, Flesh and blood, not a killing machine? I am a stormtrooper, I'm not a robot!"

SLP: Isaac and Nate write all of the lyrics. Deep emotions, funny moments, everything lyrics should be- it can all be found in the realm of Star Wars. We try to represent not just the main story shown in the films, but the underlying stories of the extended galaxy- Greedo, the space slug, and the idea that there are other Wookiees other than Chewie. (Nate lets out a Wookiee roar).

YN: Are you guys working on any tunes you can share with us?

SLP: We have a classic rock, Zeppelin-like song in the works about glitterstim called "High On Spice". It starts with a really dark, moody build, with Nate telling the most epic of tales about a glitterstim trip. The breakdown is great. We also have another song about Boba Fett (finally!), still untitled. There's another idea for a song about the moment in Cloud City where everything comes together. Vader is going to freeze Han, Boba Fett has finally won in his rivalry with Solo, Leia and Chewie are there. Leia says, "I love you". Han says "I know", then gets frozen. SO AWESOME.

YN: Anywhere our readers can come see you? Are you just doing local gigs in Massachusetts?

SLP: Yeah, for right now we're just playing in and around Cambridge and Boston. We're hoping to start playing shows outside of the state, if there's a gig and an audience who wants us... and a way to get there. We'd love to play at Celebration IV *wink wink*.

YN: What is the band's favorite Star War Movie?

SLP: Empire. Nate says Jedi. Isaac thinks he's wrong. (Nate punches Isaac). OK, its not one of the new ones.

YN: Thanks for taking the time to talk with us and we hope that you will have success in the future.  Is there anything you would like to add or plug??

SLP: We love YodasNews. Thanks again. Definitely check out the myspace page at and watch Nate on Beauty and the Geek. Spread the word. May the force be with you, may the rock be with you, always.