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Week 23: Boba Fett

Boba Fett:  Like many kids, I sent off my proofs of purchases and $1.85 for shipping and waited anxiously for my new rocket-firing Boba Fett to arrive.  I was about 6 years old maybe 7 or so and didn’t even know what a bounty hunter was for sure, but the figure sure looked cool and I couldn’t wait to launch his rocket at the good guys.  Unfortunately, it never happened.  I remember my great disappointment when my Fett finally arrived and the rocket did NOT fire!!  Instead this is what we got:


The flyer included stated that for safety reasons the firing action was removed and if unhappy with the toy it could be replaced with a figure or your choice.  In truth, a 3 year old kid died after firing a rocket from a Battlestar Galactica ship (the Viper) into his mouth and it lodged in his lung.  There is a pretty good write up on this incident and the chaos that followed at the link below (including a scan of the death certificate…kinda gruesome): 

To this day there are a number of people that claim they had a Rocket Firing Fett sent to them.  That simply is not true.  No Rocket Firing Fetts made it to that stage of production and the only RF Fetts that exist are in prototype form.  Not being a prototype collector or willing/able to purchase this figure for the insane prices they go for; I will not talk much more about them.  I honestly don’t know that much or about the different types, etc.  There is a ton of info on the RF Fett at:   Just do some searching.  

Once Boba Fett was released in carded form, he made his debut on the 21 back card.  Like many early figures, Fett’s card underwent a photo change during the ROTJ releases (see picture below).  The original and new pic can both be found on ROTJ cards.  Boba Fett ran throughout the entire line and even into the Droids series of figures.  However, he was skipped for the POTF run.  Proofs and prototypes do exist however:

As you can see in the above picture, the figure probably just missed being released.  Too bad really, it is a nice looking carded figure.

Here are the known card back releases according to Kellerman's book Star Wars Vintage Action Figures: A Guide for Collectors:

 Boba Fett (Original Picture)

SW 21-Back B

ESB 21-Back G w/”Secret Figure” offer

ESB 21-Back I w/”Secret Figure” offer and offer extended sticker

ESB 31-Back A

ESB 32-Back A

ESB 41-Back A w/Survival Kit offer

ESB 41-Back D

ESB 47-Back A w/4-LOM offer

ESB 48-Back C w/Ackbar offer

ROTJ 48-Back D w/Nien Nunb offer

ROTJ 65-Back A


Boba Fett (New Picture)

ROTJ 65-Back C w/Emperor offer

ROTJ 77-Back A

ROTJ 79-Back A


I actually found quite a few foreign moc pictures for him.  (all carded images from,, as well as a few Google and Webshots searches: 

Canadian Star Wars 20-Back Boba Fett: (note the French text on the card and offer)


German release ESB Boba Fett:  (note the German text on back and the strange bubble):

Meccano (France) ROTJ Boba Fett (figure is a Tri-variant…more info in the loose variant section):

Palitoy (UK) 30 Back Boba Fett:


Palitoy (UK) ROTJ Boba Fett:  (again, a Tri-variant Fett figure)


Palitoy (UK) ROTJ Boba Fett:  (note the bubble...) same as the German ESB Fett)

Tri-Logo (Europe) Boba Fett:  (again the Tri-logo figure variant)

Lili Ledy (Mexico) Boba Fett:


Since I have taken an interest in collecting loose bootlegs, but don’t have any loose Fett bootlegs yet.  I thought it might be fun to include some carded Fett bootleg images (


Hungarian Csillagok Haboruja Boba Fett bootleg:

Polish Boba Fett Bootleg (1st Generation):


Polish Boba Fett Bootleg (1st Generation variation):


Polish Boba Fett Bootleg (3rd Generation):


Loose Variations:  Finally, a figure that I have some loose variations for!

From left to right:  Kenner (Hong Kong), Kenner (Taiwan), Tri-logo (unpainted knee), Tri-logo (painted knee), Lili Ledy (fixed rocket), Lili Ledy (removable rocket).

 Starting with the Kenner variant Fetts in the above pic, the figure to the left is the Hong Kong variant.  This figure has many paint app differences including:  lighter colored belt and red area on his helmet as well as other areas such as the chest plate, armbands, etc. than the Taiwan coo variant on the right which is generally darker in color.  Both of these figures are quite common.  Boba Fett is another figure which I absolutely hate because it is very difficult to get him to hold his gun for any amount of time…especially while trying to take these pictures! 

The Tri-logo variants are very interesting.  They are cast in a much lighter color plastic than the Kenner or Ledy versions.  The figures also vary between themselves as well in the “non-painted” and “painted knee” version.  On the left hand side of the photo above is the “non-painted” knee version (see figure’s right leg).  Also looking at the comparison shot you can see there are quite a few other subtle paint differences.  There is also yet another Tri-variant Fett not pictured as one has not found its way into my collection….yet, and that is the “painted wrist dart” version.  The “dart” on the figure’s left hand is painted the same yellow/orange color as the surrounding area.


With many of the Tri-variant figures you will find a scar where the coo or country of origin has been removed.  These figures use the Hong Kong mold and then remove the coo leaving a scar on the figure.  In the picture above you can see the two tiny scars.  Also, you can see the rather sloppy paint application.  This is common with Pal and Tri variant figures and in many cases the paint apps are very fragile and prone to rubs and wear.


The Lili Ledy line of variant figures are among my favorites and Fett is no exception.  This figure is cast in a darker plastic then the Kenner version using the Hong Kong mold and has the coo removed leaving a scar like the Tri-variants.  The other painted areas of the figure are darker as well in color.  Most interesting and probably rarest of all Ledy variants is the Removable Rocket Boba Fett figure.  This figure is actually more of a factory error than a variant in my opinion.



Apparently quite a few Fetts were assembled before the rocket was put into place in the launcher and the removable rocket Fett was born.  Had the rocket been put in place at the correct time during assembly, it would be impossible to remove without breaking it or disassembling the figure.


Again, as you can see the Hong Kong coo is removed from the Ledy Fetts leaving a scar similar to the Tri-logo figure’s scar. 


Boba Fett Prices:  Carded Boba Fett prices are just stupid.  Boba Fett mocs in general are not any more or less rare than many other mocs (with the exception of the 21 back), but character popularity has really driven prices up for this figure on all card backs.  Prices can range from any wear to $300-$1000+ depending on condition, grade, etc.  SW 21 backs are especially expensive.  Also there have been MANY fakes of the 21 back (and some really good ones too) surface because of this.  Buyer Beware!!  Again, if I were to make an expensive Fett moc purchase it would be from a very trusted source.  I don’t have a clue as to what the foreign carded Fett figures sell for, but my guess is that it would be high.  Regarding real rocket-firing Fett prototypes…..expect to pay several thousand dollars.  Possibly as high as $10 or $15,000 for a complete working RF Fetts!!  Many are missing the original missile which is quite different from the production missile.  Again, not a purchase I would make on Ebay.  Even very good custom RF Fetts can cost in the neighborhood of $100 on Ebay.


Loose figures are relatively cheaper in comparison until you start looking at the foreign variants.  Mint, complete Kenner figures can cost as little as $10 or $15 maybe less, and the Tri-variants and Ledy variants significantly higher.  I believe my Tri’s were in the $70 area and the Ledy removable rocket Fett was in the $300 range just to give some idea.


As always thank you for reading.  I’m sorry it has taken so long to get a new TOTW out, but for the most part it was unavoidable.  We are finally done with the original Star Wars figures!!


On to ESB!!  Next time:  Leia Bespin