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Article and Pictures by: M.Wong, Event Correspondent.

             If you’re a fan of comics, then attending Wizard World Los Angles would be your thing. Filled with exhibitors such as Marvel, DC Comics, and other smaller publishing companies, WWLA was an event that would make comic lovers happy.

            The guest list of big-name companies was around 10 or so, so that translates to “not a whole lot of freebies.” I managed to grab a Darth Vader poster from the Dark Horse Booth. I also grabbed a bunch of Sin City mini-posters. The convention exclusives did not include in it’s list any Star Wars merchandise. This convention didn’t have as much Star Wars merchandise as I would have anticipated. Most of the sellers had comics; the Star Wars toys were more limited.

            All pictures are from Saturdays Event. I left my camera in the car for Sundays event and wasn’t able to document me meeting Jason Mewes (Otherwise known as Jay) and Kevin Smith (Silent Bob.) Meeting them was the highlight of the convention.

This was what greeted convention-goers as you entered the main hall.

  From the booth of Playstation: A Nissan Silvia (America’s Nissan 200x? Don’t quote me on that information).

 More Playstation Players.

A News Crew from some unidentified station. The guy reporting the news was really eccentric. He used  a whole range of facial expressions in under a minute.

A massive banner of Ultimate Spider-Man near the entrance.

 The ToyFare booth, a great source of Toy information in their magazines.

 Lion Gates Films booth, responsible for films such as the upcoming “The Devils Rejects” and “Saw 2.”

 One of the few Star Wars Japanese Imported sellers in WWLA. The prices were not that bad.


Another shot of the Kotobukiya Vinyl statues.

Kotobukiya Mace Windu and Yoda set.

 Some SW framed poster for a whooping $150.

 Another framed poster for $150.

A giant plush Ewok.

  Outside the Long Beach Convention Center where WWLA was held.


On the freeway, back home.

 The Dark Horse Darth Vader poster.

 Sin City Mini Posters.


More Sin City mini posters.

 The Heroclix that was given out with each ticket purchase.


My first autographed figure. It has both Jason Mewes and Kevin Smiths autograph on the WWLA Kevin Smith Exclusive figure. Inside the convention, the temperature was pretty hot. Kevin Smith got his sweat all over the bubble of the figure. I didn’t know what to say other then “It’s nice to meet you” and just shook his hand.


Inaction Figures Series 4 with Jay and Silent Bob’s autograph. I’m glad that they made these two figures. With my favorite comedic duo combined with the lightsabers, they are just a pair of awesome toys.


A close-up of Jason Mewes (Jay) autograph.


A close-up of Kevin Smith’s (Silent Bob) autograph.

Jason Mewes wrote “Nootch” under the nametag, a common word used by his character.



            I guess that’s all. A decent convention that was a lot of fun. Now to wait for June 13th to roll around so I can go to SDCC.


Star Wars Action Figures ContestsStar Wars Action Figures Forum