According to Master Replicas, the Obi-Wan Mini Lightsaber will only be available at Conventions. Starting with San Diego Comic-Con this summer and the rest (if any) at Wizard World Chicago! The picture below is a prototype of the saber and the number that will be produced is yet to be determine! Thanks again to the folks at the MR booth for letting us take some up close pictures!

Below are just various Star Wars merchandise that could be found around the convention floor!

This is a quick shot from one our sponsors booths! We also got to meet with R2Smoke2 from the forums!


We also got to meet Joe and his Staff from, they had a huge section with great prices all weekend long! Joe and his staff were all great and it was pleasure to meet them face to face!

A few shots from the Palisades booth!

Custom Star Wars figures (some life-size) from 

The Predator Below took 3 months to make and cost $7,000!

The Game Stop Promotional H2 Hummer! They also had some cool giveaways all weekend long!

And Some Misc. snapshots around the floor....

That's all folks.......Thanks to all the staff who attended!