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Caped Crusader interrogates Yoda027

Caped Crusader: Alright, let's start with the obvious one: What's your name?
yoda027: Mark

Caped Crusader: And how old are you?
yoda027: 29

Caped Crusader: And what wretched hive of scum and villainy do you call home?
yoda027: The suburbs of Philly.

Caped Crusader: What was your first experience with a galaxy far, far away?
yoda027: When my parents took me to see Return of the Jedi in the theater.

Caped Crusader: And were you instantly hooked, or did it take a while for you to develop a, shall we say, obsession?
yoda027: When I left the theater, I immediately asked my parents how I could see the other movies. I don't remember what the answer was, but I know later that night, I was at Kiddie City getting some toys. In the next few years, I did get to see the other movies at special screenings and events, and I continued to get more toys at secondhand shops until I had all the figures that I wanted, and that my parents could afford to get me!! I didn't get back into collecting until the POTF2 orange cards were released.

Caped Crusader: After seeing 2005's Revenge Of The Sith, which film, from either the prequel or original trilogy, is your personal favorite?
yoda027: My personal favorite is ESB with Revenge of the Sith a close second.

Caped Crusader: And which Star Wars character is your favorite?
yoda027: Yoda.

Caped Crusader: You mentioned collecting, and I've heard from a couple of sources that you do, in fact, have a little collection going. Why don't you tell us all just what it is that you collect?
yoda027: I used to collect anything that had Star Wars on it. It didn't matter what it was, I would buy it. Cups, cookies, figures, busts, you name it. As I grew out of my apartment, and built the collection room in my house, I knew I would never be able to keep collecting like that. So I stopped getting everything I saw, and focused on Hasbro, Gentle Giant, and Master Replicas.

Caped Crusader: And if you had to choose just one item in the entire collection as your favorite, what would it be?
yoda027: Well, I've been asked this hundreds of times, and I had two items until this X-mas, but now I have three. My #1 has to be the MOC Vintage Bossk that my wife got me a few anniversaries ago. The reason is because she did a lot of research and sneaky things to suprise me (I was in my MOC Vinatge Collecting Mode), and it really meant a lot for her to do that. Second are my loose Vintage Figures, because they are what started it all off, and my mom took such great care of them for me all these years. Third would be my X-mas present this year from a friend, a life-size Pepsi Yoda that was sitting on my front door in a fridge box a few days before X-mas!

Caped Crusader: So now that the final chapter of the Star Wars saga has been released, will you scale back the amount you spend on the hobby, or will you continue your collecting pace of the last several years?
yoda027: Actually, I find myself spending more, because I have caught a few expensive "bugs". Last year I caught the Unleashed Bug, and in 48 hours flat I had acquired 25 of them on-line from stores, ebay, and in trades. In less than two weeks, I had them all, but now I am starting to stray away from Hasbro, and getting more into the Gentle Giant, Master Replicas, and Sideshow items. I have spent a ton in the last year trying to complete my GG collection, and as I see the 1/4 Scale Lukes and Vaders, and Attakus, I want them all. I also caught the Code 3 Bug this Novemeber, and I have been buying up those pieces as I can afford it. So I'm in reverse.

Caped Crusader: I think you will eventually have to annex another part of the house for your collection room. Is there anything you want to say to the readers? Anything about the future of the site, or new and exciting adventures you have planned?
yoda027: I would love to add on to the collection room, but I think taking up the entire lower level of my house is about all Mrs. Yoda027 is going to allow! As far as the future of the site, we grow more and more each day with new readers and forum members. We just celebrated our two-year anniversary, giving away over 50 prizes, and that was great. In 2006 we hope to keep being a top stop for news. In the last 2 years we have posted news almost every single day, and I dont think any other site out there can say that. We plan to keep that going in the future. We also introduced a new feature called Action Guides, and they have been a very big hit. We hope to keep doing them, but they do take a few hours each, so we can only do so many! We also have monthly prizes lined up for almost all of 2006 already, and we are going to travel to as many cons as we can this year to meet more fans!

Caped Crusader: In your eyes, who is the sexiest of all the Star Wars characters?
yoda027: I guess Padmé. When her top got shredded in AOTC, I think it was as "sexy" as Star Wars was going to get. But the Slave Leia is a close second!

Caped Crusader: I know you probably get sick of this, but I have to ask... Are you still in touch with the Funky Bunch?
yoda027: Yes I am, we meet up once a month so I can laugh at them, because of how successful I have become. And please dont call me Marky, or I'll have my B-List brother get ya. He likes to Hang Tough with that guy from Dancing with the Stars.

Caped Crusader: Okay, okay, I'm getting good vibrations from you. One last question... If you could fight any celebrity, who would you fight?
yoda027: Tom Cruise.

Caped Crusader: Ohhhhhh, I'm sorry. We were actually looking for Bea Arthur. Yes, Bea Arthur was the correct answer, but I want to thank you for playing.

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